Customer: Norsk Saneringsservice AS
Removal of existing quay deck 3160 m2. Concrete saws and wall saws were used. Steel beads Ø600 were cut 3/4, as close to the seabed as possible, a wire saw was used for this.
Water jetting
Customer: Consto Anlegg AS
Removal of loose and cracked concrete on pillars. About 16 m3 was chiseled
Rehabilitation of
unloading station. LKAB
Customer: Peab anlegg AS
The job consisted of core drilling of 8600 holes in concrete pavers / carriers. Concrete milling 400 m2 around the unloading opening.
Epoxy mortar was used for screeding under rail materials, and injection of steel plates around the unloading opening.

Because of train traffic, most of the job was done at night.
Casting work in tunnel
Customer: LNS
Multibetong AS was commissioned to carry out various concrete structures on the new Narvik UNN tunnel.

Among other things, flooring for technical houses, SOS kios, ring wall radio booth,
various small foundations, closing banquet and jersey, foundations for portals, contact molding portal and mountains. Assembly work and steel work were also delivered.

Casting of concrete slab
Customer: LKAB AS
Multibetong AS has made concrete slabs on the ground where additives are released for intermediate storage. Space-cast, reinforced concrete slab of approx. 2500m2 with fall 1:75. 150 tonnes of reinforcement and 1169 m3 of concrete were used for the work.
Maintenance work.
Practice Ranges
Customer: NAF Fauske
Multibetong AS has carried out maintenance work on area for driving-training in Fauske.
The job consisted of sandblasting, flame cleaning and milling of 1000 m2 concrete.
Water jetting.
Multibetong AS has done a job with water jetting of a tunnel in Honningsvåg.

Water jetting of damaged tunnel portal. The job was done with our Aqua cutter 710V robot.
It was cut about 10 m3 of concrete.
Building up
a Fish Pass
Customer: Statkraft Energi AS
Multibetong AS had a full contract with the establishment of a fish ladder.

The work started in summer 2017, where high water levels in the river could be a challenge. It was solved by assembling temporary bridges over the river to get to the place where the fish ladder was to be established.
The job consists of:

Digging, exploding of mountains and stone blocks.
Cleaning of mountains and grouting of mountain boulders for fishway.
Mass replacement, upload and transportation of masses.
Formwork, reinforcement, and casting of ladder construction.
Membrane / Insulation before asphalting
Multibetong AS has performed many jobs in Nordland -Troms and Finnmark with a moisture insulation. The tasks were performed for Visinor and NCC (Summer / Autumn 2017)
Preparations before asphalting in Tromsø, where moisture insulation was added at the tunel portal. (Topeka)
Membranes were applied before asphalting on a variety of bridges to prevent salt intrusion. (Topeka)
Customer: Harstad Havn KS
Main Contractor: SR SeaService AS
Multibetong AS got the job of removing girders and the entire dock cover of 1500m2.

The challenge with the project was to avoid shakes in protected buildings in the dock area. The noise level had to be kept low as the dock was located in the center of Harstad. Thus, the use of a wiresaw was chosen as a solution to this job. This method did not cause any pollution with concrete rests in the water.
Wire sawing of the dock cover
Concrete of new foundations. Pipeline
Project completed for Hålogaland Kraft Produksjon AS
Total contract on remediation of foundations for pipelines / scaffolding blocks. A total of 48 foundations 3 scaffolding blocks. Pipe length 320 meters, diameter Ø 2000.

The task consisted of careful foundation demolition during operation. The pipeline was stabilized with supports specially built for this purpose. The foundations were cut with wiresaw and new foundations were established. The anchoring blocks were water demolished. Bad reinforcement was replaced and dry- sprayed with a special mortar.
Polurea. Pool for drinking water
The project was conducted for Narvik VANN
Multibetong AS removed old coating in drinking water pool and re-coated using polyurea. The work consisted of scraping away the old epoxy coating before the surfaces was sandblasted. The pool was pore filled before priming and spraying of 2.5 -3mm polyurea coating. The drinking water pool is 100 sqm and was treated while two other pools were in operation. It was therefore crucial that moisture and temperature were followed so that to get the best results. We also had to work under special requirements for hygiene and spreading of chemicals.
The project was conducted for Statnett
Existing ferry dock was demolished, and a new docking ramp was established.
The project consisted of:

Demolition of existing concrete structures
Trial Excavation
Ground works
Construction of landing ramp and bollards
Multibetong AS accomplished following projects for NCC – VNG / SRBG
Dry spraying in spread chamber (Øyjord)
Hydro demolition
Cement. Stag anchoring in the spray chamber
Polyurethane in castings joints.
High- strength cement. Underlay of saddle plates on the tower.
Pumping – Project accomplished for VNG Serbia/SRBG China
Full contract for Nordkraft
Multibetong AS was responsible for rehabilitation of overflow at a lake Nygårdsvannet in the Narvik Municipality.

The project's challenges were an access to the plant, all equipment had to be transported over the ice, such as drilling rigs, an excavator.
The task was to reopen flooding on both downstream and upstream of the dam as well as dam columns, joint solutions were re-established. The bottom was cleaned from mountains rocks. Total length of dam 210 meters. A total of 364 m3 was covered with concrete with help of helicopter.
2 m3 with concrete dry spraying, and 43 m3 of the surface was hydrodemolshed.
of brigde
The project was conducted for Statnett
On the bridge there were extensive improvements. One of the attachments to the land, as well as both middle foundations were partially demolished and rehabilitated. The steel beams were rehabilitated, new covers and railings were laid.
The project was conducted for PEAB Anlegg
Polyurethane LOC foam was used as an insulation of 320 lm water pipes. The job was done to avoid bursting of the ditch and deepen the pipe. The water pipe is located at approx. 1.5 m depth enclosed with 6 -7 cm insulation.
Rehabilitation -
Multibetong AS has conducted rehabilitation of dam for Sørfold Kraftlag SA
The length of the dam is 113 meters.

Old concrete was removed in torrent as well as bottom drain hatch and downstream dam bottom. Assembling of mountain bolts and casting of concrete plates and installation of a new bottom drain hatch. Repair of downstream path and removal of an old intake dam were fulfilled.
Cleaning of affected areas.
Dam facilities
The project was conducted for JV Maskin directed by Statnett
Multibetong AS has reinforced by casting a downwalls upstream / downstream of Nordkraft's dam plant in the lake Håkvikdal Storvannet, a total of approx. 280m3 of concrete works, there is also a repair of dam bottom with new foot bolts in length of approx. 60 meters, in order to obtain a color similar to existing dry-stone wall, iron oxide was added to the concrete.

The work also included also minor slotting, as well as injection of crossings between old and new concrete.
Combined injection
The project was conducted for Narvik VAR
Narvik VAR has had leaks at 2 tunnels Mørkholla and Isvatn for a long time.
Isvatn has a water column of approx. 40 meters and Mørkholla approx. 38 meters. Leakage points were in the concrete plug between the rock and concrete.

Helicopters became a suitable transport method into the site areas. The job itself was done with a combination injection method with polyurethane and micro-cement.

The job went as planned, and on 1 year of control it turned out to be completely dry.
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